We want to meet you where you are in life.
The question is, are you ready?
Tested, and used by people just like you – it is time to find your VIVE!

Content & Guidance

Leveraging her 9 years experience meditating and visualising, Maya produces original and unique visualisations for VIVE.

We provide the guidance – you provide the vision.

Whether you want improve sports performance, increase your creativity, have better relationships or anything else – you can find your VIVE.

Events & Community

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We know how hard it can be to form a new habit alone, that’s why people have gym buddies. VIVE is creating a community of mental gym buddies!

We run virtual and in-person live events to teach the skill of visualisation.

Our immersive live events are for anyone with a goal they want to reach. This isn’t your usual sit back and listen to the speaker event. VIVE will take you on a captivating journey from learning about ground-breaking science to practicing visualisation. Whether it is your first event or 15th, this is where transformation happens.


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We’re working on it…

Launching in late 2022, our VIVE app will help you take your visualisation journey to the next level. We’re making it even easier for you to find your VIVE, anywhere and at any time.

Join our growing community of VIVERs to receive exclusive updates on our progress including live events and our original, empowering visualisations

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